Businesses with a strategy have a real competitive advantage.

Where are you now?

Working together to develop your marketing strategy, we aim to reach your most valuable customers.

The first step is a fresh and in depth look at current market trends, your potential competitors and your ideal target audience. Clearly outlining what differentiates you from your competition creates a path to your marketing strategy.

Where do you want to be?

Marketing your business includes creating added value to your product or service with your branding, and enhancing your new and existing customer relationships through a strategy of impeccable customer experience.

Read on below to see how, combined with a marketing plan as the next step in the process, we help you find new markets for your products, increase your sales, and create and keep a fan base of loyal clients.

We look at:

  • Current market trends
  • your ideal customer’s lifestyle
  • Your unique selling pointS
  • your Current marketing mix

Marketing Plans

Linking all aspects of your marketing together.

How do you get there?

Marketing planning is about more than having an advertising schedule, although of course that’s important. An integrated plan aims to send clear messages across the relevant channels, shouting your brand and engaging with your target audience. 

We look at a mix of both paid and owned advertising, with both digital marketing and more traditional resources, such as printed media, as required, and your existing owned marketing channels.

What's The Plan?

I work with you to create a combination of the right marketing elements designed to most cost effectively and profitably achieve your sales, and generate long term growth.

I’m also here with virtual marketing assistance to help you put your marketing plan in place.

Your marketing plan includes:

  • Positioning your brand
  •  your target market
  • CREATING Your Marketing Mix
  • Your plan of action

Ready To Begin?

I offer fully integrated marketing solutions to effectively market and grow your business. This includes practical marketing advice and training, strategy development and planning, and virtual assistance on an ongoing basis.

Let’s start with a free, informal, no obligation initial consultation.