Create a clear strategy focused on your strengths.

Where are you now?

Whether you are just starting up your business or looking for ways to grow, we take an objective and in-depth review of your current marketing strategy, to ensure it meets your future goals. This includes an exploration of your potential markets, customers and competitors, together with an audit of your competitive edge, and unique selling points of your product or service.

Where do you want to be?

As well as helping you to create a strategy based on your growth objectives, I can help you to align your marketing plans and strategy with your branding and your online presence.

We look at:

  • Current market trends.
  • your ideal customers.
  • Your unique selling points.
  • your current marketing assets.

    Marketing Plans

    Linking all aspects of your marketing together.

    How do you get there?

    Marketing planning is about more than having an advertising schedule, although of course that’s important. An integrated plan aims to send clear messages across relevant channels, build your brand and demonstrate your value to your audience.

    We look at a mix of outbound and inbound marketing, with a relevant mix of digital marketing and traditional media channels to engage with your ideal target market. 

    So what's the plan?

    We work with you to create a combination of the right marketing elements designed to achieve your marketing objectives.

    Plus we are here with virtual marketing assistance to help you put your marketing plan in place.

    Your marketing plan includes:

    • Finding your ideal market.
    • Positioning your brand.
    • Creating your marketing mix.
    • Your plan of action.

    Ready To Begin?

    An integrated marketing plan helps to maximise your efforts and more effectively reach your business goals.

    Tailored to your individual needs, we offer practical advice and training, strategy development and planning, and virtual project management.

    Why not start with a free, informal, no obligation initial consultation?