A virtual marketing assistant can save time and money.

According to Big Commerce, small business owners spend up to 33 hours a week on marketing activities. However, 76% of them confirm they do not have enough time to get everything else done. With many small businesses feeling the pinch of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s even more important for companies to focus on their marketing efforts whilst making best use of their resources.

Many companies have turned to help from a virtual marketing assistant, as a means to fill this gap. This sits alongside growing trends for outsourcing – allowing small companies to be more efficient, dynamic and make time to focus on their core business.

Could Virtual Marketing Be Right For Your Business?

The benefits of outsourcing your marketing are not just savings in time and money, but also the potential to gain a real edge over the competition. Here’s the thinking behind four reasons why using a virtual marketing assistant makes good sense for your business.

1. Cost Savings

Of course, outsourcing rather than recruiting full time staff means fewer staff overheads relating to office space and equipment. Importantly, buying in extra help as and when needed, lets you better manage your cashflow and reduce your overall risk. Transferring these overheads to variable costs, related to specific projects, also allows you to directly measure your return on investment.

2. Time Savings

Outsourcing marketing tasks to a professional marketer, with the appropriate training and experience, ultimately results in a more efficiently run business. 

How do small business owners best juggle the ever changing list of marketing skills ranging from social media communications to relationship management? Tasks that seem challenging or time consuming, such as researching and writing content for newsletters, are easily taken care of. What’s more, one of the stumbling blocks of engaging more with digital technology, is the time needed for training staff and maintaining the necessary technical expertise. Outsourcing tasks such as website management saves you (or your team) both time and effort in learning how to do this…and then relearning when everything changes.

3. Flexibility

There’s no doubt marketing is vital during economic downturns, but there is not always the need for the same type or level of resources. The biggest benefit of using freelance professionals for your marketing, rather than taking this on in house, is the flexibility to make use of expertise which may simply not be justifiable on a full time basis. 

Specialist help can be brought in as you need it, for key projects and stages of business growth. A freelance marketing assistant may well also have access to other specialist providers, such as for website design or graphics.

By creating greater flexibility, this enables your company to meet changing customer needs, and be more resilient in fast moving or uncertain markets.

4. Innovation

Successful brands know their product and target markets inside out. But it can be hugely beneficial to have an impartial set of eyes, with fresh and innovative perspectives. In ever changing environments, such as we are seeing in the COVID-19 economy, an external outlook can help you to pivot and re-boot your marketing strategy, with new ideas for your product or service.

As well as saving costs overall, using a virtual assistant for your marketing can help both differentiate and create a real competitive advantage for your business. 

I love helping small companies find creative solutions to their marketing. If you are thinking of hiring long or short term help, but are unsure of the next steps, I’d love to answer any queries. Contact me for an impartial, informal chat.